My Video Projects


Each project is an adventure and each adventure gives us the opportunity to discover new things. The creation of these two Solos allowed me to meet David Fedele: musician, composer, independent documentary filmmaker, explorer and dreamer, according to his own definition. He documents humanitarian, environmental and social justice issues, produces and self-finances his own projects outside the existing industry and shares all his films and music for free on the internet. Truly an artist worth supporting.

I found him looking for minimalist music and he was a great inspiration for me. The idea of creating this project had been in my head for a long time but coming across his music gave me the push I needed to make it happen.


I admire the way authors like Samuel Beckett or Peter Handke use language. The play with repetition in Peter Handke’s Selbstbezichtigung (Self-accusation) was the starting point for this Solo, performed in the stone labyrinth created by artist Ellen Essen in a well-known Berlin park.



The poem Cuerpo belongs to the collection of poems Los adolescentes furtivos by Toni Quero, work awarded with the International Prize of Literature Antonio Machado in 2009. The whole work touched my soul from the first moment I read it but this poem simply pierced me from top to bottom.


…Time goes by, it runs, it flies… and I look at it and I don’t catch it. I want it to stop…

This is what one of the texts I wrote in my adolescence said and that, together with other reflections and childhood memories, gave birth to this project. As a child I loved to spin around myself until I fell to the ground and felt that everything continued spinning around me while I remained motionless. With time I discovered that it was just an illusion: even when it seems that we are motionless, the movement continues.


In Nothing is Forever I pay tribute to the playwright Sarah Kane with an excerpt from her play 4.48 Psychosis. Sarah Kane belongs to that group of creators whose use of language fascinates me. Through fragmentation, repetition, the creation of rhythms and a long etc. she transmits us a peculiar vision of the world at the same time that she lets us glimpse the complexity of her own. This piece was published shortly before he took his own life in 1999 at the age of 28. We are sorry for your loss Sarah.