Theatrical projects

The theater, and the arts in general, are to society what dreams are to the body, to life. They allow us to have lucidity. At least I think so. And I am not talking about dreams in a figurative sense, but in a literal sense. In the same way that during sleep our unconscious is released, provoking the most varied combinations of images, during the process of creation, thoughts, ideas, sometimes just phrases come to light from deep within us, which when connected together acquire new meanings that are not only transformative for those who experience them, but also for those with whom we share them.


My creations are usually the result of thinking out loud, a search for answers to questions that are often complex and difficult to answer. Questions such as: why do we feel the way we feel?

Each creation process is accompanied by an often long search process in which all kinds of materials emerge. On this occasion, texts by Samuel Beckett, choreography excerpts and also improvised fragments came to my aid and gave rise to a curious collage of situations.

Life and the Suitcases in Between is a journey of encounters, misunderstandings and shared journeys. It is the result of a work of improvisation in which we are invited to reflect on the fine line that joins/separates our destinies.